I was born in Germany after the War. When I was four years old my parents came to Canada to make a fresh start. I grew up here and never visited the country of my birth, although my mother's relatives are still over there; Canada is my home. I now live in 'Canada's Most Southern Town'; Kingsville Ontario (near Point Pelee National Park) with my son and a pack of dogs.

As a child I was always crazy about animals, prefering horses and dogs to people. Dogs especially are so loyal, loving and trusting; always ready to do what the pack leader is doing. As a mother, and child daycare provider, I always had pets 'for the children'; Dogs, cats, birds,(even a crow rescued as a tiny fledgling) fish, turtles, guinea pigs, rats, goats, a lamb, chickens, came and went out of our lives. When a favorite cat was run over by a car in front of my eyes, I vowed, "Never again, no more pets" ....too much heartache when they are hurt.

Until I met the Havanese; I just had to have one. My first acquaintance was Tiny Thomas. Just the right size and look for me since I was not as young as I used to be and needed a smaller dog, but not a couch potato, a real dog that would run and fetch, but also fit into an apartment and a travel bag.

I was fascinated by all the colors possible, so went in search of the most elusive "red." I came across the pack at Pillowtalk Kennel in Germany. After negotiating with Monika, I received two beautiful little girls; Pillowtalk's Tiziana and Pillowtalk's Herzilein, who are a highlight of my life. Havanese have become my hobby and I am pleased to say that I am occasionally able to share their delightful progeny with those who promise to give them a most loving place in their heart for the rest of their lives.

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